Lakelands Country Club

I am happy to provide this testimonial for Sanoway’s granulated soil additive SANOPLANT.
Lakelands Country Club recently rebuilt a 2500m2 area adjacent to the clubhouse, consisting of a new 1st Tee, surrounds and walk-way, new 8th Tee and surrounds, and a new practice putting facility.
The improvement in both reduction of irrigation and fertiliser usage has averaged between 33% and 40% over the 12 week “grow-in” period.
Once brought into play at week 13, the resultant growth patterns, grass coverage and recovery time has also shown a 33% improvement against similar areas, given the play commitments of 1100 rounds per week. I have no hesitation in recommending SANOPLANT, to any prospective purchaser, and can be contacted at any time to verify this testimonial.

Craig New – Course Manager

Gol Golf Course, Gol Gol, Nsw

The positive results mentioned above, can not only be expected at building new courses, but also at the reconstruction of existing greens and tee-offs.

Dr K.E Schonthaler - Part I , examining the basic Product characteristics of Sanoplant. 1995

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