Product Analysis

Sanoplant is our highly successful water retention marital. composed of mainly natural silicates put through an extensive physical treatment, giving it maximized water retention.

Holding a high capacity of water and nutrients allows you to save time and money on watering. Proven to provide an increase in the quantity of blossoms and branches, stronger growth, the development of wide-range rooting systems, increased yields, and no washing out of nutrients into the ground water.


Introducing SANOPLANT - Your Solution for Healthy Gardens!

SANOPLANT is a remarkable water retention product crafted from natural silicates.
designed to transform your grass quality and pitch performance experience, particularly in sandy soils.

What makes SANOPLANT stand out?

Superior Water and Nutrient Retention: SANOPLANT excels at holding water and essential nutrients, ensuring
Your grass, turf, or plants get the hydration and nourishment they need.

Save Up to 50% on Irrigation: If you have sandy soil, we can help you cut down on irrigation water usage by up to 50%. Imagine the water
and cost savings!

What you can expect: Extended Watering Intervals: With SANOPLANT, you can water less frequently and get better results. 

Stronger Roots: SANOPLANT encourages the development of wide-ranging rooting systems, ensuring drought-resistant grass and plants. 

Increased Yields: Get ready for bountiful harvests, as SANOPLANT helps maximize your crop yields.

Environmentally friendly: No more petroleum chemical hydrogels escaping into waterways and collecting in our soils.

Introducing SANOVIT® (SANOPLANT-Plus), Your All-in-One Solution for Thriving Plants in Any Soil!

Are you looking to enhance your plant growth, regardless of the type of soil in your garden? Look no further! SANOVIT is here to transform your gardening experience
with its unique blend of benefits.

Water Storage: SANOVIT acts as your soil's water reservoir, ensuring your plants stay hydrated even during dry spells.

Nutrient Boost: This special blend includes an organic fertilizer rich in nutrients, promoting robust plant growth.

Improved Aeration: We've integrated LAVA Granules to enhance root zone aeration, providing your plants with the ideal root growth conditions.

What Makes SANOVIT Unique? SANOVIT combines three essential components in one ready-to-use mix:

1. Water and Nutrient Saving:
 SANOPLANT, a renowned water retention
product keeps your soil moist, reducing the need for frequent watering. It's
like having a water-saving superpower at your fingertips.

2. Organic Plant Nutrition: Our slow-release fertilizer is 90% plant-based.
promoting healthy and sustained plant growth. It's packed with nutrients and
encourages the soil's beneficial microorganisms.

3. Enhanced Soil Structure:
LAVA Granules, made from volcanic
rocks, improve soil aeration and structure, ensuring your plant's roots have access to vital space and nutrients.

Why choose SANOVIT?
• Simplicity: It's a convenient, all-in-one solution that saves you time and

• Healthy Plants:
SANOVIT supports the vitality and resilience of your plants, helping them thrive.

• Environmentally friendly:
We are proud to say SANOVIT is completely organic and does not use petroleum-based hydrogels.
components, making it eco-friendly.

• Long-lasting: 
The effects of SANOVIT last for years, offering consistent water savings for multiple dry seasons.

Experience the power of SANOVIT and enjoy vibrant, healthy plants in any soil type. Your plants will thank you!

Introducing EcoStart - Your Ultimate Garden Companion!

Are you ready to supercharge your project experience? Say hello to EcoStart, the
all-in-one solution for lush and thriving plants, no matter what kind of soil you have.

Hydration Hero: EcoStart is your secret weapon for retaining water in
the soil. It keeps your plants happily hydrated, even during those long, hot days.

Nutrient Nirvana: Our special blend includes an organic fertiliser.
that's jam-packed with all the good stuff your plants crave, ensuring they grow strong and healthy.

Oxygen Oasis: We've added LAVA Granules to enhance aeration in the root zone, so your plants can breathe freely and develop strong, robust roots.

What sets EcoStart apart? EcoStart combines three essential elements in one convenient package:

1. Water and Nutrient Conservation: EcoStart's unique water-retaining
properties  reduce your watering frequency and keep your soil perfectly moist,
making your gardening life a breeze.

2. Plant-Boosting Nutrition: Our slow-release organic fertiliser, with 90% plant-based ingredients, provides a feast for your plants. It not only nourishes them but also stimulates the soil's natural ecosystem for optimal growth.

3. Soil Structure Support: Thanks to the power of ancient volcanic LAVA
Granules: your soil's aeration and structure will be top-notch, giving your plants the room they need to flourish.

Why Choose EcoStart?

• Effortless Gardening: EcoStart is the easiest way to ensure your garden is
thriving without constant attention.

• Vibrant and Robust Plants: Watch your plants grow vigorously and radiate

• Eco-Friendly: We've created EcoStart with nature in mind, making it free of
animal components and a responsible choice for your project, large or small.

• Long-Lasting Benefits: The effects of EcoStart will last for years, delivering
consistent results for your project.

Don't miss out on the gardening revolution—choose EcoStart.

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