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Ecostart is an environmentally friendly product which is proven to work effectively with over 20 years’ worth of knowledge and experience in the areas of soil conditioning and water saving to provide you with a cutting edge product that enhances soils ability to store water, feed plants and increase aeration at the root zone. Acting as a water retention agent in combination with biologic fertiliser containing proven nutrients and lava granules that increase aeration at the root zone, overall improving the continued availability of the essentials in which plants give life.

What makes it work?

  • Slow release, purely plant based organic fertiliser which can effectively feed plants for up to 6 months.
  • Accelerates initial growth process and provides essential nutrients for long-term feeding.
  • Contains Porus, volcanic lava granules, in which function to overall improve the structure of the soil by increased aeration at the root zone. In addition to increased aeration the differing pore sizes within the rock material itself provides soil with an enhanced structure stabilising function ability.
  • Consists of various minerals proven to continually and consistently provide essential nutrients to your plants through the years.

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