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An environmentally friendly composite product that provides essential elements and a water retention agent to give your new plantings the best chance of survival and ongoing healthy growth.

  • Stores water, feeds plants, aerates root zone
  • Sanovit acts as a water retention agent, a biologic fertiliser provides nutrients, and lava granules aerate the root zone to improve the availability of these stored essentials to the plant
  • The ingredients of Sanovit are already used in successfully established products
  • Over 20 years’ worth of experience in the areas of soil conditioning and water saving have resulted in Sanovit’s cutting edge product.
  • Slow release organic fertiliser, which is purely plant based and free from animal ingredients, feeds plants for up to 6 months
  • Accelerates initial growth and provides nutrients for long-term feeding
  • Porous, volcanic lava granules, which function to improve the structure of the soil by aerate the rootzone of the plant, consist of various minerals which remain plant available through the years
  • In addition to this aerating effects, the different pore sizes of this rock mineral perform a soil structure stabilising function.

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